Breast Reduction

Eliminate your neck and back pain forever!


Considering Breast Reduction?

Are your breasts too large for your frame, causing you neck and back pain among many other unwelcome constraints?

When large breasts droop, it is difficult to maintain correct posture, which can lead to shoulder grooves, rashes under your breasts, and other discomfort.

If this describes your, then it might be time to consider a breast reduction.

What You Need to Know

The shape, size and appearance of your breasts can influence and affect many things, from what you do or don’t wear, your level of comfort during sports and activities, and even your confidence during intimate or social activities. Heavy, large breasts can even cause chronic neck, back and shoulder pain.


Always avoided wearing bathing suits? Tired of shopping at specialty bra stores? Imagine what you can finally do and wear with a simple breast reduction.


Have large breasts always cramped your style? Feel confident and sexy again in intimate and social situations!


Imagine no longer having neck, back and shoulder pain from large breasts. Imagine going on a run without having to wear three sports bras.


Your Breast Reduction Options

Reduction of the breast can be accomplished in several ways:

The “NO SCAR” technique involves liposuction of the excess fat from the breast followed by laser skin tightening. For many women this will give an excellent result.

Some women will require a surgical method if significant sagging is present as well as removing excess fat and tissue.

For many, combining the “NO SCAR” technique with surgical options will give the best results.

Breast Reduction Procedures

No Scar Technique

The “NO SCAR” technique involves liposuction of the excess fat from the breast followed by laser skin tightening. For many women this will give an excellent result.

Surgical Method

For some, the surgical method will be required. This method is require if there is significant sagging, as excess fat and tissue will have to be removed.

For many, a combination of these options will give the best results.

Both are outpatient procedures, but local anesthetic is used with mild sedation, as needed, for your comfort. Dr. Sult will give you further details regarding the specifics of your procedure, as they may vary depending on your desires and goals.

Recovery and Results


It is recommended that you give your body a week of rest following this procedure. Allowing your body to properly heal is vital to your health and results. Your bruising may take longer than a week to subside, but at this time you will feel well and energized to return to normal activity. You will be sent home with specific care instructions and our team is always available to help with any questions or complications that may arise.


Results of both the fat transfer augmentation and implants are very natural and long lasting. A fat transfer will give you volume in your breasts that will not be lost or compromised, except with the effects of aging. Implants will maintain their shape and form, but chest skin may loosen over time as well. Implants must be checked every 10 years for possibility of replacement, for your safety. Dr. Sult has a history of outstanding results and his expertise will help you feel safe and confident in his work.

What To Do Next...

The next step is to meet with Dr. Sult to discuss your goals, provide an examination, discuss your options, and make recommendations.

All of your questions will be answered at this time.

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