Acne Treatments

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Considering Acne Treatments?

It can be hard to put your best face forward if you’re feeling discouraged or self-conscious about your skin. We help our patients regain confidence in the skin they’re in, literally! Whether you have active acne, cystic acne or residual acne scars, we can help.

Acne is thought to be caused by an infection of the skin. Acne is a complex disease with both physical and emotional components. Acne can be a source of significant emotional distress, recent medical article showed that teens with acne are more likely to attempt or commit suicide. The scars from acne can last a lifetime, not just on the skin but on the emotions as well. There are three main causes to acne.

  1. Hormonal
  2. Bacterial Infection
  3. Food Allergies

What is it like? What is involved?

First, we provide Pharmaceutical grade skin care called Cosmeceuticals to nourish your skin and reduce inflammation and irritation. We explain product and give you step by step instructions on how to use your acne kit. Our Acne treatments come as a package that includes- A treatment/Acne Kit and Follow-up treatment.

What is the procedure?

At Aesthetics, we offer an acne laser treatment that provides a truly comprehensive solution to the problem of acne. Nd:yag scanner penetrates heat into the skin which will sterilize the bacteria and cause acne to drain on its own, accelerates the healing process and stimulates collagen remodeling.

Analogy: you would not eat a raw egg, you cook it, then you eat it.

Am I a Candidate?

Whether you have active acne, cystic acne or residual acne scars, we can help. For others acne is related to limited ability to detoxify. For some, the cause is hormone imbalance or problems with hormone metabolism.  We have programs for all of these underlying causes.

What You Need to Know

Imagine seeing dramatic results — even if you’ve been a life-long acne sufferer — within 24 to 72 hours! Our specialized acne laser treatment may be for you if you’re suffering from any of the following:

  • You have active acne, cystic acne or residual acne scars
  • Your ability to detoxify is limited
  • Your hormonal metabolism is out of balance

We also provide a host of other skin treatments and protocols to help you love your skin again. Learn more about our various proven therapies so you can get out there and start smiling again.


Laser Treatment for Acne

Acne is thought to be an infection of the skin, acne is a complex disease with several causes. The main culprits include bacterial infections, hormonal imbalances, and food allergies.

While acne is considered harmless from a physical standpoint, the emotional distress it causes is not. Medical studies have shown that teens with severe acne are more at risk of committing suicide and suffering from depression.

At Aesthetics, we recognize that both body and mind are affected by acne, and promote clarity of each using the latest technology.

With our laser treatment for acne, you’ll play witness to stellar results only days after a single session. By sterilizing bacteria with our FOTONA Nd: YAG laser, each problem area will drain out naturally. This accelerates healing and collagen remodeling, resulting in smoother, unblemished skin.

Preparing for the Procedure

If you qualify for skin medication before laser treatment, you’ll be given, and instructed on the use of, Cosmeceuticals(—a type of pharmaceutical grade skin care medication. These serve to nourish the skin, and reduce inflammation and irritation.

Once you’ve completed the course prescribed to you, you’ll be ready for the laser procedure.Just as you should cook an egg before you eat it, our nd: Yag laser heats the bacteria in order to effectively remove it. Focusing a wavelength of 1064 nanometers onto each patch of disturbed tissue, the bacteria is destroyed without causing harm to the surrounding skin. With your acne sterilized at the source, it’ll drain out on its own over the course of 24 to 72 hours. This in turn promotes healing in your pores, and collagen remodeling to minimize visibility of scars.

Recovery and Results

Acne laser requires zero downtime from work and strenuous activities and doesn't leave behind any signs that treatment has occurred.

Once time has been allotted for the pores to drain out, you’ll witness a significant recession of your acne. Scars should lose much of their visibility in the following weeks due to stimulation of the skin’s collagen. The absence of bacteria eliminates redness and inflammation, while allowing healing processes to take place. The formerly afflicted areas then become naturally smoother and free of blemishes.

We may also recommend a journey with our health coach as food sensitivities can cause chronic outbreaks. We want to ensure you are well supported to maintain that beautiful new skin of yours!

Before and After

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there pain?

A: We use our Nd:yag for this treatments and its very mild but for someone that has active acne you might experience a little discomfort as the heat is sterilizing your acne.

Q: How long do treatments take?

A: Start to finish about 30 mins.

Q: How quickly will I see my results?

A: As long as you are using your acne kit in-between scans you will start seeing improvements within a few days, we like to follow-up every 4 weeks.

What To Do Next...

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