Dr. Thomas A. Sult discusses what type of fat in the abdomen can be treated with Tummy Tuck surgery. Dr Sult also addresses what to expect during the procedure, and your results will look like, based on an analysis of your abdominal region. To learn more about the Tummy Tuck procedure, as well as other body contouring plastic surgery procedures, call 320-347-1515 or visit us at Aesthetics.us.

What to expect to look like after a tummy tuck

Some of that depends on your personal anatomy. Some people have what’s known as visceral fat, when your abdomen is dome-shaped, even when you grab ahold of that subcutaneous fat (fat that is on top of your muscle) and you realize there is still a dome under there that is what we call visceral fat, liposuction and tummy tuck isn’t going to fix that. We can take care of the subcutaneous fat that’s directly under the skin, we can tighten up your muscles but if you have visceral fat, there is nothing we can do for that with liposuction. You would deal with that with diet and exercise, which we also have programs for. Now, if you don’t have visceral fat, what you can expect is to have a flat abdomen with tight skin. You will have an incision basically from your hip bone to hip bone, across your lower abdomen, just above your pubic bone. You’ll have an incision that is not really noticeable around your belly button, where we put your new belly button. So, we free your belly button, pull the new skin down over it and pull the belly button through new skin and sew it into place. You’ll have a little ring incision around your belly button that is not visible and you’ll have an incision across your lower abdomen. You will have a nice and flat abdomen with tight skin and everything will look really good. That’s what to expect after a tummy tuck.