Breast Augmentation is the most common, cosmetic surgical procedure done in the world. It is a surgery used to enhance the appearance of the breast. It is used to increase the fullness and the projection of the breast, to improve the balance of your figure and used to enhance your self-image and self-esteem. What it cannot do is fix large pendulous breasts, those are fixed through a different procedure known as a lift. The procedure is done (in this office) under sedation other than general anesthesia for most operations general anesthesia is the most dangerous part and so we use sedation and local anesthesia. Most women use very little sedation (believe it or not) they depend more on the local anesthesia but sedation up to including being all but completely asleep is easily achieved, we do it that way cause it’s safer. We place almost exclusively silence cohesive gel implants under the pectoral muscle, the reason for doing it that way is that causes your breast tissue to be projected forward, giving a much more natural appearance to the finished procedure and a much more natural figure line. So that is what breast augmentation is.

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