Aesthetics is excited to offer new skin care products for skin health, and one formulated for acne. This new skin care product line is organic and chemical free.

2 different Ortho Molecular Product kits are available:

Pure Daily System (Daily Use)

Care for your skin 24/7 with these 3 high-performance every day essentials that work together to create the ultimate age-defying cleansing, balancing and nourishing skincare regimen. Each product is infused with organic bio-actives derived from Vitamin-enriched Plant Oils and Fruit Extracts that help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin’s texture and appearance.
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Skin Restore System (Acne)

A luscious blend of multitasking organic fruit extracts that help purify, treat and naturally supplement impure and age-related skin conditions. Suitable for sensitive skin types, this breakthrough system is enhanced with age-defying botanicals that help control breakouts, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, to attain a more radiant, healthier looking complexion.
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Daniela’s story – age 21
“When the problem on my face began, I did not want to go out, go to school, or be with family and friends. It was a nightmare because I hated answering the question…what happened to you? I stopped going out with friends I had known for a long time because I did not want them to see me.

Over the years I have been to dermatologists, doctors and acupuncturists, but things only improved a little. I used to experience much dryness and peeling and after bathing my skin felt like cardboard – my dermatologist recommended a hydrating cream that I applied every hour so I could feel “movement” in my face. But I really had lost all hope.

My auntie asked me to try SophytoPRO Skin Restore System, I cannot thank her enough because after the first day of using my peeling decreased 50% and dryness decreased significantly. On the second day after using the treatment, peeling reduced 90% and there was no dryness. My family and friends called it a miracle.

A week after using the treatment, my face showed some eruptions. After 2 months of use there was an incredible improvement, my face does not have those small eruptions, no dryness, or peeling, even after forgetting the moisturizer one day, my face still felt soft.

I smile again and appear in photos and feel confident when I see myself in the mirror. “

This product has changed my life, thank you!