How Long Had You Been Thinking of Getting Implants?

  • I had wanted to do this in my early 20’s but I let fear get in the way and finally in my 50’s and after being diagnosed with R.A. I did go ahead and have the procedure done.
  • 15 Years
  • Forever. My breasts never really grew after 7th grade.
  • I have thought of getting breast implants for over 10 years – at least. I have wanted larger breasts since I was 16.
  • I have wanted to get my breasts (fixed) for approximately 35 years.

What Made You Choose Aesthetics?

  • I went on the computer and did a search for this area and Aesthetics came up. I checked out the website and was very impressed with the different procedures that they do. I also asked around the area and Dr. Jannings’ office and they also recommended Dr. Thomas A. Sult at Aesthetics.
  • Location
  • My most convenient option, $600 off, heard the radio ads.
  • I chose Aesthetics for their reputation and the short distance from where I live.
  • Location, price, convenience, and recommendation.
  • Lots of reasons, however at the top of the list would be the fact that I felt at ease with Dr. Sult and his staff. Another big factor for me, the fact that Fat Transfer is available.
  • Because when I inquired around the area I heard nothing but good things and that put my mind at ease.

How Did You Feel the Surgery Went From Aesthetics?

  • Good
  • I think it went very well – but I had no real idea of what to expect. I didn’t think I would be able to hear and feel so much though. I also didn’t anticipate so much pain.
  • The surgery went so smoothly. Dr. Sult and his staff prepared me VERY well and put me totally at ease. The recovery went so much better than I expected.
  • I didn’t miss one shift of work, so the down time wasn’t an issue.

How Do You Feel About The End Result?

  • I am so happy. My biggest regret is I did not do it sooner. Now I don’t want to wear padded bras and I can go into a store and try on a swimming suit or summer tops and feel so comfortable in them. The surgery went very well and the recovery time was a breeze. I am extremely happy and they felt like a part of my body right away.
  • Great
  • Absolutely love them – they look so natural and feel like they have always been a part of me. Thank you.
  • The end result is fantastic! I love my breast for the first time in my life.
  • Wish I could have done this 35 years ago.

What Do You Specifically Like About Your Breast Implants?

  • The size
  • I feel more proportioned and look better in my clothes and bathing suits. I also love the shape and size and how they are perfectly sized to the rest of me.
  • I specifically like that my breasts look and feel so natural. Dr. Sult made sure they would fit my body type. I was able to discuss openly with him and his staff exactly what I wanted and expected.
  • Fullness

What Would Your Life Be Like If You Didn’t Have the Surgery Completed?

  • I would still feel like I was lacking something that I always wanted. Otherwise, nothing really. I am still who I am with or without my enhancements. If I didn’t have the money it never would have happened.
  • My life would still be in turmoil about how much I truly hated my breasts. I can’t believe I waited so long to do it. I love how my clothes fit and I actually look like a woman – not a 12 year old little girl.
  • I would still be trying to camouflage a two cup size difference from one breast to the other – looking for bras and swimsuit tops that would hide this imperfection.

Would You Recommend Having Breast Augmentation Completed? If So, Why?

  • I have recommended it to a select few who know what I had done.
  • Yes, I liked the results.
  • I would highly recommend having breast augmentation. Dr. Sult and his staff are top notch and take time to discuss all concerns, size options, recovery. They were not pushy about having it done. It was my decision and mine alone.
  • Yes – Confidence in a swimsuit!
  • Yes, If for one other reason, it positively affects your self-esteem.
  • Yes, I definitely would recommend Aesthetics to anyone and why; because I know they would be in experienced hands.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

  • I felt very nervous about it before the surgery. Later I had found tons of info online and wish I had read it all before the surgery. That would have helped with the apprehension.
  • I will soon turn 51 years old and for the first time since adolescence, I’m not embarrassed and ashamed of my chest.
  • Thank you for a positive experience!
  • Yes, if there is some procedure you want to have done and it makes you feel better, go for it. Don’t let anything stand in your way. Life is too short, so enjoy feeling good about yourself and the journey.