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Sometimes we all need a little help so we can look as amazing as we feel. That’s why we’ll help you discover the right treatments and options for you personally, so you get gorgeous results!


Get the beautiful results YOU want, in the most natural and least invasive way possible. We'll show you the options that line up with your goals to help you make the best decision.


Most of our patients admit they FEEL great, but need some help letting that shine through on the outside! Whether the changes are big or small, you’ll be amazed at how confident you feel and how amazing you look!


Coming to our clinic is a bit like going on a little get-away — relaxed and discreet. However long your stay, you can enjoy the peace and quiet of small-town Minnesota before returning to the busyness of life.

When I was a child, I developed early, around 4th grade. I always had a normal size chest, as far as I was concerned. I was able to wear pretty much what I wanted and didn’t feel self-conscious or wasn’t so large that it was inappropriate either.

As I grew up, I did everything I could to maintain a healthy body size, and was pretty successful until I reached my mid-twenties.  It was then, as I was a wife and mother, that I didn’t have time to watch everything that I ate and had time to exercise.

Finally, a year and a half ago, I lost 45 pounds which was amazing to me, but with the weight, also went my chest. I was finding that none of my bras would fit; I didn’t feel comfortable in a swimsuit, even though my weight was where I wanted it to be. I found myself trying to find push up swimsuits and taking what seemed like half the water out of the pool or lake in my swimsuit top when I got out of the water in the padding. I felt more self-conscious when I would be intimate with my husband because of course, I noticed my lack of chest then even more. He always told me I was beautiful no matter what, but I just didn’t have the confidence and feel beautiful like I wanted. It seems like the running joke for every woman is that someday they are going to buy new boobs, or we hide our frustration with the fact that other people have treated themselves to augmentation by calling them fake or thinking bad of them. The truth though I have found out is far from that.

My husband and I had a deep conversation one day after I mentioned that I wanted to go in for a free no obligation appointment to talk about all that getting breast implants would involve and cost. He was very understanding to where I was coming from and knew that it wasn’t about having a perfect body or being a sex symbol but to restore my confidence and a piece of myself that was missing. He again reassured me that I was perfect how I was and he didn’t think that I needed to do this, but it was up to me. (and yet what man wouldn’t love a new set of perfect boobs on their wife).

I set up the appointment and had my free consultation. Everyone was very professional and answered all my questions that I had. It was a very relaxing environment and never once did I feel embarrassed or bad.  I was told how to decide what size that I wanted to do and I remember saying I didn’t want to look like a “porn star.” They completely understood and reassured me that I would be the size that I picked. Like I say, I didn’t want to go unrealistic, I didn’t want to have people look at me and say, yikes, look at those fake boobs, I just wanted to feel whole again. That is when my husband and I dove into the conversation and decision more. Was this procedure worth it financially? Is this the best use of our money as far as our family is concerned? Could I just spend more money on buying bra shapers, or lifters or just always feel a little unease? Or was it that it makes more sense to do it now, if I eventually someday would do it when I was older. Wouldn’t it make more sense to do it in my 30s than my 60s? Isn’t it maybe the time to do something for myself?

The final decision was made and I set up my appointment. In July, I went in for my procedure and by a couple hours later, I was already on my way out the door with my “new boobs.” Recovery time was very fast, after a day and a half I was already at my family reunion and off my pain pills.

So, how has life been since you may ask? Amazing! I am so confident. I can wear what I want without trying to find the pushup bra to give the allusion that I actually have a chest. I can go most days without even wearing a bra and my chest stays where it’s supposed to. I don’t have the painful bra straps or underwires or anything. I can wear whatever dresses or shirts I want without having to try to find an uncomfortable strapless bra that will eventually end up sliding down or having to tug on it all day long.

As a mom, we are always putting our spouse or children first. But I cannot say enough, how this was one of the best things we have ever spent our money on. I have always been so grateful for my life, my family and all my blessings, but being able to be comfortable in my skin again and feel complete again has been such a blessing and I am forever grateful to Dr. Sult and all of his amazing staff at Aesthetics. But I guarantee you, when you see me out and about though, the first thing you will notice will still be my huge smile.

- Colleen

Life Has a Way of Showing Its Age

Living a full, passionate life is a wonderful thing,
unfortunately visible signs of ageing also go hand-in-hand.

Those visible signs can leave us feeling not quite as confident or adventurous as we once were. We may even hold ourselves back from doing or wearing certain things! Can you relate?


Moms do so much for their families, and sometimes, it’s at the expense of taking care of herself. This labor of love can take a toll on a woman’s body: changes in breast shape, sagging of the tummy, weight gain, or loss of skin radiance. Mom, you deserve to look as amazing as you are!


Certain hereditary traits may run in your family, and with age, may really start to bother you and affect your quality of life. Whether it’s the inability to lose fat in certain areas, getting sunspots, or other concerns — just because it’s genetic doesn’t mean you have to let it hold you back!


Do you feel healthy and fit, but wish it would show more in your appearance? Whether you’ve gone through major weight loss (congratulations!), big lifestyle changes, or just ageing, it can be discouraging. We can help you look great and show off all your hard work!

Our Areas of Expertise


Give yourself a boost of confidence, and feel sexy in your skin again! From body contouring to liposuction to tummy tucks and more, discover all the possibilities!


Looking to reverse the effects of ageing, change shape or size, or go back to your pre-pregnancy look? The right procedure will have you loving your new natural-looking breasts!


Lessen the appearance of ageing and let your natural beauty shine through! Discover the right facial procedures to rejuvenate your face and get beautiful, youthful results!


Are skin problems dampening your smile? Get smoother, clearer, more vibrant skin with procedures designed to treat a variety of issues so you can feel confident again!

Client Testimonial

After having children and going through somewhat dramatic weight gains and losses, my body was not bouncing back to its original self. I had mostly come to terms with my saggy belly, but when it came to my breasts, I really longed for that womanly feel that I used to have. I wasn't so much concerned about how I looked like naked, but how I felt when I was clothed and out in the world. No push up bra was going to make me feel sexy through my clothes and help me feel the confidence I once felt. I decided to go in and get a consultation and see what my options were. I knew from the get-go that I wasn't wanting to go "big", I just wanted to fill them back up and put that curve back into my body. I went in as a small B cup and had 275cc put in and am now a full C cup and I feel so great! No one outside of who I decided to tell about it can even tell I had anything done. It was subtle enough that if people knew, then they could tell, but if you didn't know, I just looked how I once did. I love that! That's exactly what I was hoping for and Dr. Sult listened to me and made sure I got what I wanted. I love how I look naked and I even often forget that they aren't exactly "mine" and they look so completely natural. It has given just the right amount of a confidence boost that I ended up embracing all of the other parts of my body that I once loathed. All because I feel like a real woman again.

Enhance your natural beauty
and live your life confidently.

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AESTHETICS IS THE PREMIER and cosmetic surgery clinic located in lovely Central Minnesota. We offer only the most advanced technology coupled with minimally invasive procedures for gorgeous results that cater to your desires. Our facility is equipped with state of the art laser equipment extending our assortment of procedures to enhance your natural beauty in every way possible. Every procedure has its complement and we will go over all enhancement options with you to give you the most lasting dramatic effect, for years to come.

Our dedicated medical team at Aesthetics is dedicated to helping you look your best. Our team has the educational background and expertise to ensure your cosmetic success—our results prove it. We offer a range of procedures, including full-body and facial surgeries, liposuction, full service laser treatments and skincare products.

No matter what your aesthetic needs are, we serve each client individually and offer you only the best options for cosmetic treatment based on our one-on-one consultations. We’re in the business of creating your best you, inside and out.

Meet Dr. Sult

Hi, my name is Dr. Sult. You might be surprised to hear that my background is as a family doctor practicing holistic medicine. You’re probably wondering why I got into aesthetic surgery, and how I reconcile a holistic approach to health with cosmetic interventions.

The truth is, I love helping my patients get healthy and whole holistically — but I don’t want it to stop there. After many years of practicing medicine, I realized that people wish they could look (on the outside) as healthy as they feel on the inside. Maybe they battled a severe illness and changed their entire life around, or they’re a mom who is starting to invest into herself — whatever their story, I’m committed to helping patients just like you look the way they feel.

I want you to get the beautiful, natural-looking results you’re after so you can feel more confident and get out there and live life to the fullest!

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