Gynecological Procedures

The female body is intricate and dynamic in structure. Women are able to have children and that puts an immeasurable amount of stress on the body. Over time from the stress of aging, menopause, pregnancy and specific occupations, the vaginal area can become overworked.

The tissues in the vaginal area can lose volume and muscles break down and lose their strength. It can be difficult to hold urine because of the muscles of the bladder that have become weakened, something as simple as sneezing can cause loss of control of the bladder. At Aesthetics, Dr. Sult and medical staff will work with you to discuss all of the concerns you face with stress incontinence (loss of bladder control), any tightening of the vaginal area and reconstruction of the labia at the opening of the vaginal area.

Gynecological procedures include:


Benefits of gynecological procedures:

  • Cosmetic benefits, skin less slack
  • Enhanced sexual experience
  • Confidence and self-esteem boost
  • Ability to control bladder
  • Less irritation and infection