Breast Lift

Breast Lift

The breast lift has raced ahead of implants in popularity over the last decade. Whereas proponents of the former seek to add fullness to their profile, candidates for the breast lift desire a return to the perkiness and feminine proportions enjoyed during their youth. Since aging and gravity naturally take their toll on breast tissues, many women suffer from sagging and a loss of shape in their breasts. Thankfully, Aesthetic’s various breast lift options set back the clock by removing excess skin, and reshaping the breast.

Depending upon your specific needs, Dr. Sult will either recommend laser treatment or a surgical breast lift. The laser breast lift is the least invasive of the two, and can be performed both externally and internally. For more extensive cases, a surgical procedure may be required. In addition to tightening breast droop, both routes can be modified to address a wider range of issues including nipple placement and enlarged areola. The results look natural, and with the proper care, last for years down the road. To see what the best treatment plan is for you, call (320) 347-1515 to book a free consultation at our office in New London, MN.

Am I A Candidate?

Candidates for a breast lift seek to address the following:

  • Loss of volume, or increase in breast sag due to aging.
  • Nipples that droop past the breast crease.
  • A flat, and elongated appearance.
  • Excess skin and enlarged areolas.
  • Uneven breasts.

About The Procedure

Laser Breast Lift

In a procedure similar to the laser face lift, the breast is treated with a laser. This stimulates collagen growth, tightening the skin of the breast. For cases of significant droop, a laser cannula is also used under the skin to tighten from the inside. The laser lift is appropriate for breasts needing a mild “pick- me up” and enhanced perkiness.

Surgical Breast Lift

Officially called a mastopexy, the surgical breast lift utilizes one of three techniques: The anchor lift, the vertical lift, and the donut lift. Dr. Sult can help determine the technique for you in accordance with your anatomy and desired results
Anchor Lift: It reduces severe sagginess through the use of three incisions. One around the aerola, one extending down to the breast fold, and a cut beneath the breast fold to form an inverted-T.
Vertical Lift: This technique uses the same incisions from the ‘anchor lift’ except for the one beneath the breast fold. It’s reserved for moderate cases of breast droop.
Donut Lift: This new technique uses only a single incision around the aerola. It’s adequate for mild to moderate breast lift needs. called a vertical lift. .


Following a mastopexy surgery, patients regularly experience swelling, bruising, and general discomfort for the first 2-3 weeks. These symptoms can oftentimes last over a month depending upon severity of the surgery. You’ll be prescribed a specialized bra for the first few days of recovery. Afterward, it’s advised to avoid wire bras for the first month, and wear sports bras instead. A return to work and light activity can be achieved after a week. To prevent excess bleeding or swelling, strenuous activity should be put on hold until 4-6 weeks after surgery. Recovery from laser bra treatment takes only 2-3 weeks for the swelling and bruising disappear.


Results are immediately noticeable post-op, but will be marred by swelling and bruising for the first several weeks. Dutiful scar care is critical to secure the most aesthetically pleasing breast contour. While incision scars are permanent, their visibility will gradually diminish over time. Adjustments made during treatment last for several years, but are still subject to the effects of aging and gravity. Longevity can be added to your results by maintaining a healthy body weight.