Breast Procedures

Breasts are the centerpiece of the female body and can have a dramatic effect on body shape and confidence. As we age, all skin begins to show it. Aging skin begins to sag and wrinkle, because of depleting collagen fibers that break down from lack of growth stimulation and normal wear and tear of our skin. Breasts succumb to the gripping hands of gravity and they begin to sag, lose volume and over time become misshapen.

At Aesthetics, we believe that the breasts are a delicate subject and should be treated as such. During your consultation, Dr. Sult will discuss your cosmetic tastes when it comes to breast size, shape and positioning. Once you have the final plan for the breast augmentation, lift or reduction together, you will discuss recovery options and maintenance. Your breasts can look as young as you feel, call now and schedule your consultation for breast augmentation, lift and reduction with Dr. Sult at Aesthetics.

Breast procedures: