Male Procedures

Women are not the only ones that experience loss of tissue elasticity. Men too can get wrinkles. Men too can have tissue build up in the pectoral area from excess weight or genetic predisposition to tissue growth that can look like breasts. At Aesthetics we are in the business of creating a better quality of life for all of our patients. We offer an array of services for men in cosmetic surgery that can greatly effect the confidence of an individual.

– Hair restoration and removal

Do you experience hair loss and feel self-conscious about the look of your receding hair line? We offer a fabulous set of hair restoration products for men that can help reinvigorate the hair follicles and promote growth in all stubborn areas. NeoGraft, the global leader in hair restoration treatments and therapies and the provider of the NeoGraft Automated Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Implantation Hair Transplant System, focuses on new innovative technologies for the treatment of hair loss. If you are interested in hair removal, our Fotona laser provides the most safe and effective hair removal of all areas of the body.

– Snoreplasty

If you suffer from violent fits of snoring and often wake your loved ones, or have difficulty breathing depending on the structure of your nasal cavity, then this treatment will silence your snoring. The snoreplasty is a laser treatment that is done in office in 15 minutes with clients noticing immediate results.

– Skin resurfacing

Skin resurfacing is a facial treatment that helps with smoothing out of fine lines and wrinkles. We use erbium laser that is designed to exfoliate away dead skin cells and remove skin layers that cause wrinkles. With precise settings we are able to customize a resurfacing just right for you.

– Eyelid lift

An eyelid lift is a surgical procedure that has a multitude of benefits in regard to vision and cosmetic. An eye lift can help increase your range of vision, by pulling up any drooping eye lids. An eye lift can also help reduce puffiness that can pull down the lower eyelid causing dryness. The constant perceived emotions of anger, agitation and looking tired can be improved with this procedure. Don’t let your eyes age you.

– Breast reduction

Our breast reduction surgery for men is a cosmetic procedure that can change your life. If you’re someone that has been predisposed to extra tissue located around the pectoral area, then you probably invest countless hours trying to hide it. We understand the struggle with excess tissue in men that can look like breasts and can help remove all the extra tissue to give you a flatter chest area. The effects go beyond cosmetic so that you can start living your life.

At aesthetics we make sure to work with you and find out all of your cosmetic concerns so that we can provide the most natural and minimally invasive treatments. Call and schedule your appointment today.