Face Contouring

Facial contouring is the latest thing in the makeup industry. Why? Because improving specific facial lines can give the illusion of a thinner face, sharper cheek bones, larger lips, enhance the look of eye shape and more. At Aesthetics we know that there are better ways to enhance the natural contours of the face with cosmetic treatments that last. Our expert nursing staff is trained in the top treatments for injectables from all over the world, Dr. Sult studies and practices all the latest techniques. Our facial contouring methods can help to resurface your skin beginning with fresh tissues keeping you looking refreshed, injectables and fillers restore volume and reduce wrinkles.

Our face contouring treatments are:


Restore the lost volume in your face due to aging. Face-revolumizing can give you the youthful look you once had. We offer fat transfers from other area of excess in the body to boost and lift the natural look of the face.

Injectable facelift

Sometimes you only need a slight lift or collagen regeneration. The injectable facelift offers a natural feel with specialized gels made to fill the areas beneath the skin that are prone to wrinkles and forming fine lines because of aging and volume loss.

Ribbon lift

The ribbon lift is the latest technology in under the skin, tissue grabbing sutures that are crafted to help pull back tissues and remove the lax in skin around the neck area. The ribbon lift is a minimally invasive procedure that can help reduce turkey neck and make people look thinner too!

Skin resurfacing

Our laser skin resurfacing technology at Aesthetics helps improve the overall look of the skin. Texture, discoloration, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles are taken care of with this laser procedure. Laser therapy removes the topical problem layers of skin to reveal healthier skin that can help to regenerate youth, brightness and help tone down spotting from sun exposure.

Wrinkle reduction

We offer a number of non-invasive therapies done right in our office for the removal or reduction of wrinkles in the face such as non-ablative lasers to laser peels, 3D NoScar Facelifts and more. Depending on your level of wrinkles and how deep they go, one treatment may be better than others. Reduce signs of aging without surgery.