AWAKE! Liposuction

AWAKE! Liposuction

More than just a catchphrase, AWAKE! liposuction places you as an active participant during surgery. By injecting a tumescent local anesthesia into areas in need of sculpting, you remain conscious and aware during the procedure. You’ll be able to reposition yourself, stand up, and observe every step of the way. This gives both Dr. Sult and yourself an accurate assessment of the final results.

Your preliminary meetings with Dr. Sult will determine the scope of your liposuction. You’ll be thoroughly briefed on the benefits, risks, and your role during the operation. Once the areas for treatment have been decided upon, a detailed history and physical examination will be performed for your safety. The procedure is done at the Aesthetics office so as to avoid extra expenses and wait times accrued at a hospital. Only one surgery is typically required. To start planning for your own AWAKE! liposuction, call (320) 347-1515 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Am I A Candidate?

For patient safety, chosen candidates for this procedure need to be in good health, and possess a normal Body Mass Index. Liposuction is designed for those who accumulate fat deposits—oftentimes in the neck, back, hips, abdomen, or thighs—but otherwise live a healthy life style. Skin elasticity is also an important factor that determines how the results will look. Those with loose skin should consider a tummy tuck instead. Liposuction is not meant for major weight loss.

About The Procedure

During the aforementioned screening process, patients may be advised to temporarily discontinue certain medications. Diet changes, exercise routines, and other lifestyle changes may be recommended as well for best results. On the day of the procedure, Dr. Sult will use a marker to outline the areas to be treated, and photograph them for documentation. Two numbing agents are then injected into each region. The first is a local anesthetic, and the second is a diluted anesthetic solution that targets deep fatty layers.It takes 20 minutes for the anesthesia to take effect, at which point the liposuction can begin. A small tube is inserted via small incisions into the designated regions. Fat deposits are then removed via a vacuum. You’ll be asked to reposition yourself throughout, and even stand towards the end. This allows Dr. Sult to check for any areas that haven’t been fully relieved of their fat deposits.


Swelling and bruising around the incisions is typical after liposuction, and can last from days to weeks. Fluid drainage is also normal for the first day. Special compression garments are to be worn over treated areas for six weeks. Depending on the breadth of your surgery, you may be able to return to work the next day. For more severe cases, up to a week off from work may be necessary. In all scenarios, strenuous activities should be avoided for at least 2-4 weeks to avoid aggravating incision scars.


Barring any redness, bruising, or swelling, your results will be noticeable immediately after surgery. You’ll see a significant decrease in mass of the targeted areas. There will, however, be small scars where the incisions were made. Unlike dieting, where fat can be swiftly gained back, fat cells do not re-grow at liposuction sites. A deposit of fat can however accumulate at secondary sites if diet and exercise are not maintained.