Aesthetics’ staff is well versed in many of today’s worldwide advanced, minimally invasive surgery techniques, including:

  • AWAKE! Liposuction, Facelift and Breast Augmentation techniques. Our “First Line Therapy” program can aid you in losing weight while simultaneously changing your lifestyle.
  • Many procedures require only one treatment.
  • Thanks to our laser technologies we are able to provide treatments ranging from the simple to the complex, encompassing any treatments you may have heard about in the media.
  • Our experienced nursing staff can provide an array of services to meet your needs.

Robin Sult, R.N. is involved with research and protocol development in laser aesthetics. As an international laser educator, her straightforward approach to her craft combined with a vast knowledge base makes her an engaging public speaker, as she draws from almost 20 years of aesthetic medical experience and 13 years of laser experience.

We provide a comprehensive menu of services designed to restore the natural you using a full spectrum of non-ablative (non invasive) and ablative light/laser therapies, aesthetic injectables, liposuction, fat transfer, as well as body and facial contouring.


  • Thomas A. Sult, M.D., has been comfortable in a teaching capacity from the onset of his career. Prior to medical school he taught a multitude of wilderness skills courses, including survival, mountaineering, and rock climbing. A graduate of UCLA School of Medicine, Dr. Sult is residency trained and board certified in family medicine. Dr. Sult has practiced aesthetic medicine since 1989.
  • Dr. Sult has studied extensively throughout the United States and Europe in order to discover–and develop a firm understanding of–effective techniques in the ever evolving world of aesthetic medicine.

Schedule a FREE NO RISK consultation
Aesthetics (New London, MN) offers free consultations for any procedure. If you are uncertain about how a particular aspect of a procedure will affect you emotionally and/or physically, the best thing you can do for yourself is come in and address your concerns with Dr. Sult. After reviewing your goals and objectives for a specific procedure, Dr. Sult will provide a written analysis of the procedure that would be best suited for you along with a detailed cost breakdown. For your convince, Aesthetics (New London, MN) also offers different finance options which include: check, cash, credit card and care credit.