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Where are the actual breast procedures done?
Will I have to go to another facility? At Aesthetics, we provide the fat transfer procedure right here in our office in Willmar MN. We have a full operating room set up and perform all our surgeries in house.

{slider What is all Needed for Breast Augmentation Pre-Procedure? }

Prior to surgery, you would come in to Aesthetics for your free consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. From there we would set up the pre-op physical appointment. At this time we measure, go over consents, take pictures, and payment is due at this time. Then we are able to schedule the surgery on our calendar. The total costs encompasses all of the appointments and follow up care for a year.

{slider If I’m having a combination of procedures done with Aesthetics, are they done in one time? }

If you are considering the Fat Transfer procedure – yes, the procedure is done all at once. It can take approximately 4-5 hours, depending on the details. We perform liposuction of an area, then harvest that fat, and then inject that fat into the breasts.

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How long of a recovery do patients experience on average? Most patients say that the area that had the liposuction is the most sore. Many describe mild pain in the breast area. You will be in a tight garment for 4-6 weeks depending on the area we do the liposuction. If we do the abdomen, then you will have a corset type “spanx” that will wrap around to help heal the area. As far as typical recovery, if we would do your surgery on a Thursday, we typically say to take that whole next week off, then return to work. Now of course this depends on what you do – it could be earlier or later. Many times people feel pretty good after a week. It is not so much the pain that bothers most people – but your body is healing and that makes you feel fatigued.

{slider How long does the Breast Fat Transfer procedure last? }

The procedure itself typically is 4-5 hours – sometimes less. You are able to go home afterwards and recover at home. We send instructions and so forth with you. The fat transfer itself should last many years. It is replacing the volume you have lost and it should not go away but gradually will as you age, etc. These details will be thoroughly addressed during your free consultation with Dr. Sult.

{slider Do You Need a Certain Body Type in Order to Have Implants? }

No, anyone can get implants. If you have an issue with your breast size or they’re assymetrical or they’re going down and not up, breast augmentation could be for you. Maybe you’re a mom and you’ve breastfed your children and now you want some volume.

Or, maybe you don’t have enough tissue for fat transfer (enough fats). If we don’t find any fat on you, breast augmentation may be for you.

Breast augmentation is so much more natural now and can be a good option to meet your desired outcome. Breast implants are now more teardrop drop – leaving you with natural looking breasts.

You might be a 50-plus year old woman who finally wants to do something for herself. Or you are a mom who is done having children and have lost the volume in your breasts and now are ready to fill them in again. Whatever your reason, if your goal is to have larger, fuller breasts – breast augmentation may be right for you.

{slider How do I know what size implant to get? }

There are several ways to determine what size implant would be best for you. Your body shape, measurement of chest and desired outcome are all taken into consideration before determining the final volume of your implant. There is also a rice test that patients can do at home to help them determine what size implant would be best. These measurements are discussed at a free consult appointment.

{slider What is the difference between Cohesive Silicone Gel and Saline Implants? }

There are several differences between silicone and saline implants. Generally speaking, the feeling and appearance can vary. Also, silicone implants have been traditionally known to retain their form longer. At Aesthetics, we feel that the silicone “gummy bear” implant provides the best result. This implant is a gel cohesive implant that keeps its shape better and if there would be a puncture it retains the contents rather than spilling out in the chest cavity. This has been a concern in the past and no longer is an issue due to the newer technology of implants.

{slider What is the price difference between sizes? }

This might come as a surprise, but there is no cost difference between different size implants. The cost remains the same regardless of which implant size you choose.

{slider How often do you recommend replacing your implants? }

Every 10 years used to be the recommendation by the manufacturers. However, there is no need to replace your implants unless you want a change or there is a specific reason to replace them. You only have to replace your implants if you are not happy with the size, if they rupture (saline) or if you develop advanced capsular contracture (scar tissue). Time can result in tissue laxity and the need for a breast lift or implant replacement. Time alone is not a reason to change breast implants.

{slider Where is the incision located? Will people be able to see it? }

The incision is commonly made under the breast, in the natural fold line that occurs. There are other locations that the incision can be made, but most commonly the incision is under the breast. We have the belief that “surgeons make incisions, patients make scars.” This means that we try our very best to make an incision as small as possible and suture (sew) the wound as perfectly as possible. How this heals is up to your body. Most times wounds heal nice and the scar heals flat and smooth. If you have a scaring problem, we have post procedural methods to help resolve that.

{slider What is the chance of losing nipple sensitivity? }

Although this cannot be predicted, it is greatly dependent on the incision location. For example, an incision under the breast would have a low chance of affecting nipple sensitivity.

{slider How long is the recovery process? }

Breast Implants require a surgical procedure that is done in same day surgery and you go home after just a few hours. It is a relatively quick and very safe procedure. Often times our surgeries are completed on a Thursday and most patients take that next week off of work, making immediate recovery time a week. Of course, this time off depends greatly on your activity and job. Some feel great and go back to work just shy of a week. Others wait. We try to inform people that the procedure is still a surgical one and that your body is healing and requires rest. Most people describe a feeling of being tired and fatigued. You are required to wear a sports bra for 6 weeks post operatively and are required to do some exercises to ensure your implants heal correctly.

{slider What are the risks associated with the procedure? }

Breast Implant surgery holds the similar risk of driving your car for a year. You get in and drive every day not thinking anything will happen, and most of the time it doesn’t, but there is a chance it could. That is the similar risks for this procedure. There are chances for bleeding, bruising, and infection. However, we do many interventions to keep bleeding and bruising to a minimum and use products and solutions that are antimicrobial to prevent infection. We operate in a full, sterile operating room. We also use medications that constrict blood vessels that help prevent any excessive bleeding. You, the patient, are awake as much or as little as you like during the procedure and are able to talk with the doctor and operating room staff to verbalize your comfort level and needs. Overall, this procedure has a low risk for complications and is a very safe option for breast enlargement.

{slider Am I able to breastfeed after a breast augmentation? }

Yes, contrary to popular belief, it is definitely possible to still breastfeed your child after a breast augmentation. Due to where the implant is place, the milk ducts and its production are usually not affected with implant surgery.

{slider Do breast implants affect mammogram results? }

Breast augmentation typically doesn’t affect mammogram results. Mammogram technologists are very accustomed to patients.