Robin teaches laser medicine, practice management, and patient management nationally and internationally. She is actively involved with clinical research and protocol development in laser aesthetics. Her highly approachable style and depth of knowledge makes her a favorite event speaker. Robin speaks from personal experience in the trenches of daily laser practice. Her lectures cover such topics as laser physics and tissue interaction, clinical protocols for optimal treatment outcomes, and specialty lectures like “Framing the Smile.” Her presentations are always patient centered. She teaches the “how to” in a way that is inviting and disarming. After almost two decades of aesthetic medical experience, and nearly a decade of laser experience, Robin is an expert in non-ablative, fractional, and ablative procedures. She has been involved with teaching to every specialty of medicine and dentistry, as well as most allied health professionals.

Robin started her nursing career as a neonatal ICU nurse. A common thread throughout her career has been her education of others. She was appointed in-service coordinator for the NICU, teaching all aspects of neonatal critical care nursing. A family move to a town too small for a NICU placed her in the newborn nursery. While a fun place to work, it left her looking for a more technically challenging opportunity. She began working at the endoscopy lab, which included every aspect of endoscopic nursing and a large role in patient education.

Robin eventually developed an intense interest in aesthetic medicine and her career took a new direction. From that time, Robin has been involved in many aspects of aesthetic medicine. She starting in the early days of sclerotherapy and has continually expanded her knowledge as the aesthetic industry grew. Since her involvement with laser medicine began in 2000, Robin has also been instrumental in helping many doctors open their own aesthetic practices.

Robin received her RN degree from the St. Cloud School of Nursing in St Cloud, Minnesota. She is an internationally certified laser trainer. She lives in New London, Minnesota with her husband. She has two adult sons.