Laser Lipolysis is the fancy name. This is a technique of placing the laser fiber under the skin in a liposuction-like cannula. We are able to melt the fat and tighten the skin all at once. We use this technique to tighten skin and improve contours. As an example, it can be used under the skin of the breast for a “Laser Lift” or under the chin for a jowl lift. In a “mega” liposuction case where we remove a lot of fat, a significant amount of excess skin might remain. We will use the laser to help shrink the skin so you will not have as much droopy, leftover skin.

AWAKE! Liposuction

With this form of liposuction, you will be fully awake (local anesthesia is used). The great advantage is that you can move to expose different aspects of the area being treated and you recover better, making it a same day procedure. This results in better outcomes with fewer touchups.